Data Protection and Security

11 Apr 2019

16:20 — 16:40

Hari Seldon Stage

Big Data and Machine Learning for Cyber Security: Three Use Cases

FASAS is the "Fraud And Security Analytics System" of Telekom Security, launched in 2017, built on the Cloudera Hadoop Ecosystem. The first operational use case was the detection of international voice fraud cases. This talk is about three new use cases in the field of Cyber Security on massive data sets. 1. Botnet Command & Control Center Detection with DNS Cache Misses 2. Blackhole Monitoring Cyber Threat Intelligence 3. Detection And Analysis Of Illegitimate Login Activities at Telekom Login All use cases are implemented using state-of-the-art Big Data & AI methods, providing new insights like clusterings and statistics. These can be used by Cyber Security and Fraud Detection experts at their convenience to explore anomalies deeper. In this way, AI methods assist the experts in their daily search for the ‘needle in the haystack’, automating tedious standard tasks and pointing at new anomalies worth investigating.