Digital Health

11 Apr 2019

16:20 — 16:40

Grace Hopper Stage

Would You Like a Transition? Big Data Becomes Smart Data

The question shouldn't be whether we've reached the limit of Big Data. Rather, the demand for a constructive use of the amount of data for the benefit of mankind should become loud. We have the technology to store all data and we only have to use it for our own purposes.

This is a major task for the health-care system, but the problems are obvious: we must overcome the institutional lack of communication. The greatest need is an exchange of data between those involved in the health-care system, which must be established by means of a standardized software solution. Digital change must also be part of the healthcare system!

In addition, data is becoming increasingly valuable, especially in the health sector. Biobanks are beginning to appreciate the value of patient data as information sharing has the potential to revolutionize the future of medicine. Therefore, there are some companies that appreciate the digital change in healthcare with new and forward-looking software solutions.